FOSS Flight is the beginnings of an Eletronic Flight Bag (EFB).

I started FOSSFlight due to an interest in exploring Android development as well as a lot of frustrations with general aviation and the mobile apps that go with it.
I was frustrated with the quality of the EFBs and their ability to create, modify and use checklists, the most basic of tools used by pilots when flying.
I’ve also been frustrated with the cost of everything needed by the student pilot and the other non-commercial aviation enthusiasts.

Put all of the above together, and I had a nice bit of motivation. Hence, FOSSFlight was born.

I approached the project the same way I approach any other software project, with testing and continious delivery as first class citizens. I wanted to be as meticulious with FOSSFlight as A&Ps are when maintaining aircraft.

The project is open source. The website has more information and some useful links, or you can install it from the play store.